SwimToolz SwimPace 1.1

Swim coaches will find this app useful especially while planning practice sets and test sets.

In a effort to keep practices fresh and interesting for the swimmers it is often desirable to prescribe sets of non-standard swim distances.

– 10×125 can be more interesting than 10×100
– 3×450 might sometimes be a better set than 3×500

The challenge for the coach becomes picking a good interval for the innovative distance. We marvel at the abilities of those math-genius coaches out there who can effortlessly pick the perfect interval for the
strangest of distances. For the rest of us: good thing there is an app for that!

Simulator Screen Shot Apr 24, 2016, 6.44.48 AMThe SwimPace app calculates in both directions. For a given distance it will give you the correct time. For a given time, it will show you the distance travelled. Your table can be as large or as small as you want, showing any number of combinations swum at a given pace.
Many coaches will periodically run a T30 or T20 test set (a 30:00 minute or 20:00 minute swim) to evaluate swimmer fitness. This app will help coaches understand the results by calculating the fundamental 100 pace travelled.
Every January Masters across USA compete in the one hour swim race. The app can help with strategy in picking a goal pace per 50.

An interesting use of a tempo trainer can be to set the beep to happen every half length of the pool. It is a pleasure for any coach to watch the intensity these kids will put into an attempt to beat the beep! Yes, the app will let you set a distance of 12.5.

Here is a list of features:Simulator Screen Shot Apr 23, 2016, 7.22.02 PM

– Convert distance to time: specify a list of swim distances (e.g 12.5, 50, 100, 150) and paces will be calculated.

– Convert time to distance: specify a list of times (e.g. 1:00.00, T30, 1 hour), distances will be calculated based on the pace you’ve chosen.- Optional extra columns are available to scale an interval for multiple lanes of different abilities. For instance you can pick an interval for your fastest lane and it will also show the intervals for other lanes that are traveling 5, 10, 15, and 20 seconds slower per 100.

– A couple of customizable “quick pick” buttons are always visible in case your table grows big and you need a quick way to dial in a standard pace. I almost always have one of these buttons set to 100 meters.

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