SwimToolz StopWatch 2.1

Swimtoolz StopWatch is a stopwatch for swim coaches and parents. I’ve included unique features that I hope will make your pool-side experience a little more interesting and productive.

+ You can set a goal time and race parameters. This feature enables a progress bar and count-down timers giving instant feedback on your swimmer’s progress anywhere in the pool as they strive to stay ahead of their goal. (The in-app purchase enables goal setting for the longer races.)

+ You can record the swimmer’s stroke rate at any time throughout the race. (The in-app purchase enables unlimited strokes per race.)

+ You can fix mistakes. For instance if you pressed “stop” instead of “split” there is a way to correct that. Or if you forgot to hit “split” there is a way to insert an estimated or actual missing split later.

+ pace goals can be programmed for the dive segment. Everyone is faster during the first 15 meters after a dive.

+ Handy buttons allow you to configure the location of starting blocks and the pool size.

+ Although collecting splits is limited to a single swimmer in a race, you can record and save the finish time of multiple swimmers in the same race.

+ Your swimmer’s splits are automatically plotted on a graph. (The in-app purchase enables graphing unlimited splits.)

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