SwimToolz has available two iPhone apps that we hope will make your pool-side experience a little more interesting and productive. StopWatch records swim times at meets.  SwimPace calculates practice intervals and other paces.

The StopWatch app is a stopwatch for swim coaches and parents.  But it has a few extra features that make it better than the ordinary stopwatch.

In addition to standard start/stop/split you can also capture a swimmer’s stroke rate throughout the race.  If you set up a goal time the stopwatch will continuously update the goal position in the pool to help the coach determine if the swimmer is ahead or, behind, or exactly on the decided goal pace.

StopWatch can record multiple swimmers at Simulator Screen Shot Apr 24, 2016, 6.44.48 AMthe finish.  It will graph every split.  The app will also save an unlimited number of splits forever.  There are even various features to undo or fix mistakes (such starting the watch after that races is in progress or inserting an estimated split).

SwimPace is particularly handy for coaches when planning practices but can be useful in other situations.  This app will calculate a workout set intervals for any distance.  For instance if you know your swimmers 100 pace, the app will help you decide a good interval for 175 swim distances.

SwimPace can also calculate a distance from a specified time.  For instance, if you want to know your swimmers average 50 pace from a T30 swim or a one hour swim, the app will calculate the for you.

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